In case you have any questions about where I’ve been thus far professionally, please feel free to take a look over my CV.  There are many different smaller components of my professional life not listed here as well; please drop a line if you want the whole scoop. Thanks for your interest!

Connor Hogan Williams



Dartmouth College (2011-2014)

-Master of Arts in Globalization Studies, conferred November 8, 2014

-Graduated with highest attainable marks, equivalent to 4.0 GPA

-Contributed to production of The Journal, a student-run and peer-reviewed publication

Middlebury College (2005-2009)

-Bachelor of Arts in History, with Honors, conferred May 25, 2009

-Awarded College Scholar, Dean’s List


Departmental Honors for both senior thesis and prior coursework in the Middlebury College History Department, conferred upon graduation

College Scholar certification, twice awarded for spring and fall terms, 2008

Dean’s List certification, spring term 2005

T. Romeyn Beck Award for Outstanding Literary Composition, awarded by The Albany Academy, 2004


Saint Johnsbury Academy (2010-2013)

History and Government Faculty

-Worked with the English Department chair to develop and implement a new humanities curriculum combining global history and literature into a single intensive course.

-Created an integrated United States History curriculum focusing on our nation’s cultural history, including more than 75 primary source materials drawn from American letters, and an equal number of paintings, photographs, and images.

-Instructed AP United States Government and Politics, receiving necessary certifications on syllabus and curriculum from the College Board.

Culver Academies (2009-2010)

Humanities Department Faculty Intern

-Independently taught American Studies, a full-year course meeting approximately 7 hours each week and examining American history and literature from 1492 to the present.

-Collaboratively instructed AP Language and Composition, assisting with study of rhetoric and literature.

Churchill Franklin, Chairman Emeritus of Middlebury College Board of Trustees (2009)

Researcher, History of Bread Loaf View Farm

Researched and chronicled the history of several 19th century Vermont barns that had been integrated into the modern structure of Bread Loaf View Farm, as well as the past owners of those barns and the land upon which the current complex stands.

-Interviewed local residents and utilized several local, state, and federal archives to comprehensively construct a narrative history of the land, culture, and people involved with the history of the barns.

James Ralph, Dean of Faculty Research and Development, Rehnquist Prof. of American History and Culture, Middlebury College (2008-2009)      

Research Assistant

-Annotated and transcribed audio and video recordings of speeches pertaining to the Chicago Freedom Movement, contributing preliminary steps toward publishing a collective work of remarks on the Movement.

Frequently consulted with Professor Ralph on key concepts of the speeches as well as the issues and events that had influenced the speakers.


“Until Haiti Spoke:” Discourses of Diaspora, Racial Identity, and Manhood in Frederick Douglass’ 1893 Columbian Exposition Addresses

Master’s thesis, accepted September 2014. Currently under revision, with guidance and counsel of Professor Michael Chaney, for submission to the Journal of American History.

“You are White, and Have Given me to Understand that I am Black:” Identity Formation, Racial Projects, and Literatures of Race in the Progressive Era

Master’s independent study, awarded highest marks possible in November 2013, and undertaken with a syllabus of my own design.

The Verdict of 50,000,000: James A. Garfield’s Assassination in American Historical Memory

Undergraduate thesis, awarded departmental honors in May 2009.


“An Overriding Loyalty to Mankind as a Whole.” Thoughts and reflections on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy. St. Johnsbury Academy Chapel Lectures. St. Johnsbury Academy, January 21, 2013. Invited by Headmaster Thomas Lovett.


Saint Johnsbury Academy (2010-2013)

-United States History, accelerated (all terms 2010-2013)

-AP United States Government and Politics (fall and spring, 2012-2013)

-United States History, standard (spring, 2013)

-United States Government and Economics, accelerated (fall, 2012)

-Freshman Humanities, accelerated (fall 2010-spring 2012)

Culver Academies (2009-2010)

American Studies (all terms)

-AP Language and Composition, as assistant (all terms)


St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi (Brown University in India, June-December, 2007)

-Undertook a rigorous college course load while learning Hindi and living in New Delhi, best approximating the lifestyle of an Indian university student.

-Participated in all standard lectures, debates, and papers, immersing myself in the culture of a foreign university and writing term papers on questions in Mughal and Soviet history.

-3.85 GPA in transfer credit on Middlebury transcript.